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We can provide complete range of Instrumentation & Flow Control Products. Our team is committed to providing customers with best quality Instrumentation products with reputed certified manufacturers. Instrumentation fluid system products which we serve is widely in the oil and gas, chemical and refining, transportation, semiconductor, and global construction industries.

Tube Fittings provide leak free connections which improve the tubing system efficiency. Depending on site condition & metallurgy we can support Tube Fittings with all kinds of material grade. We can provide Compression Fittings with Double Ferrule as well as Single Ferrule type. A Twin Ferrule Fitting consist of 4 parts – Body, Nut, Front Ferrule & Back Ferrule which should be manufactured with precision and strict quality contract for a perfect Tube Fitting which can used in various application and industries, providing leak-free connections to be used at high pressure, corrosive media, extreme temperature ranges and harsh environment.

Instrument Pipe Fittings - we can provide thread and welded fittings assuring leak free and safe piping systems. Pipe Fittings are available with various material grade with several thread choices and configurations.


We can supply High Quality Instrument Valves meeting the project specification for several industries such as oil and gas, chemical, power generation, refining industries and critical applications. Our team can provide complete valve solution with product performance and reliability, quality assurance, traceability, certification, and documentation.

• Ball Valves
• Needle Valves
• Check Valves
• Relief Valves
• Actuated Valves
• Gate Valves

• Metering Valves
• Gauge Valves
• Toggle Valves
• Bellow Valves
• Globe Valves
• Plug Valves


Manifolds are vital product for most instruments, and we can provide 2, 3 and 5 way manifolds depending on mounting configurations as Direct or Remote installation. We can supply Manifolds as per instrument manufacturer and end user requirements whether it’s flange connection or coplanar type or even Shell specification manifolds.

We have strong technical team to support clients with all the DBB Valves related Hook Up Solutions. Instrument Double Block & Bleed Valves enable a smooth transition from the process piping system to instrumentation in a single configuration, providing fewer potential leak points, lower installed weight, less space, reduced height, easy installation and maintenance, cost saving etc.

Instrument DBB’s is mainly used for pressure instrument take-off’s, interface between instrument and piping. Instrument DBB Valves can be manufactured with several configurations of ball and needle valves with several end connections such as Flange type, NPT, Integral fittings etc. Root Valves & Gage valves also we can supply.

Instrument Double Block & Bleed Valves (DBB’s) is designed to replace conventional multiple valve installations currently in use for interface with pressure measuring systems, thus reducing the leak path, reduce vibrational effect, reduce weight, installation cost savings. All DBB Valves are factory tested hydrostatically to a requirement of no visible leakage. A shell test is performed at 1.5 times maximum rated working pressure and a seat test is performed at 1.1 times maximum rated working pressure, in accordance with BS EN 12266-1 and API 598. A low-pressure gas seat test is performed in accordance with BS EN 12266-1 and API 598.


With Injection quill or Check valve

This kind of DBB valve arrangement with a sample probe replaces conventional multi-valve assembly to take process samples. A sample probe integral to the DBB valve will allow process pressure into the valve where a sample can be removed safely without stopping flow. Chemical Injection using DBB Valve design will allow safe injection of chemicals into the process line at full pressure.

Sampling DBB Valve is designed to extract a fluid from a pressurised system. The sampling probe allows to extract sample media for analysis.

Injection DBB Valve is designed to enter a fluid through an injection quill into a pressurized system. The fluid is typically sampled from or injected to the centre of the pipeline. The pipe of the sampling probe/injection quill has to run through the nozzle and reaches out to the middle of the process pipe. The flange and pipe are jointed to one piece to ensure a solid and leakage-free integration. Depending on the material, the pipe for the sampling probe/injection quill is made of bar material.


Flushing rings are used with flanged diaphragm seal systems for flushing or venting the space immediately in front of the diaphragm. They are simply mounted between the flanged process connection and the diaphragm seal. Flushing ring is metal donut-shaped ring installed between the seal and the customer process connection. The ring has a port(s) that can be used to flush the surface of the diaphragm during cleaning. The ports are threaded and available in either ¼-inch or ½-inch sizes. The ports are available with extensions to make them easier to reach. The ports of flushing ring allows washing out of particles accumulated in front of the membrane and the pressure space can be vented or drained according to requirement. The pressure chamber can be vented or drained or filled with a cleaning liquid and subsequently flushed, depending on the requirement.

The ring can be referred to as a Calibration Ring. The flushing ports on the side of the ring allow the user to apply a calibration pressure and consequently calibrate the unit against that pressure. Calibration is accomplished by sandwiching the calibration ring between the remote seal and a blank process flange. Primarily seals are used in viscous, high temperature and corrosive application where the transmitter diaphragm is incapable of handling the process.

The main advantage of Flushing Ring is that we can perform flushing task without disconnecting the remote seal from the process flange. We can provide Flushing Ring with ball valves to allow flushing, needle valves or even Flushing Ring with DBB Valves.


We can provide Pressure Regulators for diverse applications whether it’s for Hydraulic, Analytical, Instrumentation, Laboratory, Oil & Gas, Specialty Gas industries, Petrochemical etc. Pressure-reducing regulators control outlet pressure by balancing an adjustable spring force against the forces caused by inlet and outlet pressures. The spring force is adjusted by turning the stem/handle, which sets the desired outlet pressure.

Whether it’s for Single stage, Two stage, Back Pressure, Dome Loaded, Vaporising, Low Pressure, High Pressure, High Flow, Changeover Regulators, Hydraulic Regulators (10,000 Psi rated), we can support our clients which meet all your application requirements.


Sampling Cylinder (Sample Bomb) is used to collect sample from a process or a pipeline while maintaining the chemical composition during storage or transport for later analysis. Depending on the process, temperature, consistency, chemical makeup and other factors, there are a variety of approaches that can be used to extract a sample.

Sampling Cylinders are used for Application such as Hydrocarbons in refineries and petrochemical plants, Gas sampling for chromatographic analysis, Snubbers in reactor feed lines , Condensate sampling in fossil fuel and nuclear power plants, Surge accumulators in high pressure gas systems, High vacuum systems as experimental chambers and molecular sieves, Chemical reaction vessels etc

We can provide Single ended and Double ended Sample Cylinders. Along with Sample Bombs we can provide Dip tubes, Valves, Relief devices, Carrying handles, collar and flanges and end caps etc. PTFE-lined Sample Cylinders can be provided with the interior of cylinders with a special FEP lining which provides excellent lubricity and very low permeability. All Sample Bombs are hydrostatically proof tested.

Depending on client requirement we can assembly Sample Cylinders, Valves, Fittings, Tubing and can mount in Instrument panels and/or Instrument casings at our local facilities.


Flange to Tube Fitting Adapter is designed as a one piece, leak free connection for process, power, and instrumentation applications where both flanges and tube fittings are used. Flange adaptors utilize Flange connection (ASME, DIN EN, and JIS standards) on one side and a tube fitting connection on the other side. These offer easy make-up and excellent performance in tight, multi-connection applications.