Metal Tube Flow Meters
Metal tube flowmeter for small flow measurement.
The all-metal construction ensures precise measurement even in hightemperature
and high-pressure services.
Local indication, pneumatic output, and alarm output functions are available
Suitable for corrosive and opaque fluids.
Explosion-proof construction
Slurry Flow Meters
Flowmeters for flow measurement of liquids which contain solids. Flow rate is indicated by the position of float and the scale plate on the glass tube.
Sanitary Flow Meters
Compact type electromagnetic flowmeter with a converter mounted integrally on a primary head. PFA lining material for liquid
contact surfaces.
Comply with API standard 618 Reciprocating Compressors for Petroleum, Chemical, and Gas Industry Services .
Direct Observation Type Flow Meters
Easy installation No straight sections both for upstream and downstream is required for process installation. No utility supply is needed.
Direct observation of measuring fluid in addition to flow rate measurement, the measurement fluids are directly observed for better process fluid quality control.
Vortex Flow Meters:
2-wire type Vortex Flow Meter which integrates a temperature sensor and a pressure sensor. Easy mass flow measurement of steam and gases is achieved, suitable for energy consumption management of steam and gas lines.
Flow Switches
Flow Meter with alarm contact for liquid flow measurement. Water or other liquids with low viscosity are measured and its flow rate is indicated by a pointer and a scale plate.
Monitoring of cooling water lines
Monitoring of sealing water
Other liquid process monitoring
Natural gas processing etc.
DP Flow Meter V cone meter
Flow sensor based on differential pressure.
Wafer cone DP Flow Meter
Wafer-Conedifferential pressure flowmeter can measure mass flow rate of liquids, gases with pressure and temperature compensation, and saturated steam. Also serves in the hazardous area of chemical plants.
Ultrasonic Flow Meter
Ultrasonic flow meter which has a measuring tube in small diameter. All the wetted parts are made of molded PFA. There are no moving parts or no seals. The measurement system is most suitable for being installed on a very low flow line where extreme cleanliness is required.
Ultrasonic Flow Meters And Controllers For Very Low Flowrates
Low controller which integrates all functions of an Ultrasonic Flow Meter, a control valve, and a circuit for flow computation and valve control. Its control function can quickly follow the target flow rate.
Ultrasonic Flow Meters For Process
Ultrasonic Flow Meter for liquids measurement. High accuracy and
reliability have been achieved by adopting 3 beam, Time flight
system for velocity detection.