Gas Compressor
Gas compressors for Oil Refineries, Petrochemical plants, LNG plants, Energy plants for city gas production facilities, and various gas production line for the Chemical plants of Benzene, Hydrogen gas, etc.
Various type of compressors for the industrial gases such as Hydrogen, Oxygen, Nitrogen, Argon gas, Fuel gas supply, and Helium gas.
Lubricated Trunk Piston Compressors
Small size, wide pressure range up to 100 MPa, long lifecycle.
CNG Compressors
Oil-less type CNG compressors for fuel stations for Natural Gas Vehicles
Reciprocating Compressors
Centrifugal air compressors (oil free) Centrifugal compressors are designed not to leak lubricant to the air flow. Compared to Screw and Reciprocating compressors, Centrifugal compressors have Lower maintenance costs and less vibration.
Process Reciprocating Compressor (API Standard 618)
1. Selectable type of lubrication from Non-lubricated / Semi (Mini)-Lubricated /
2. Cryogenic service and non-lubricated service.
3. Comply with API standard 618 Reciprocating Compressors for Petroleum,
Chemical, and Gas Industry Services .
4. Easy maintenance and low vibration because of horizontal type.
5. Low pulsation in process line based on acoustic suppression techniques.
6. Low noise with application of non-metallic suction / discharge valve plate.
7. Long service life of wearing parts such as suction / discharge valve, piston ring, rider ring, piston rod packing
Petroleum refining
Air separation
Steel manufacturing
Waste flood processing
City gas processing
Power gas generation
Natural gas processing etc.